Treb Heining

Treb Heining

Treb Heining is an American icon. This quintessential entrepreneur elevated balloons from their humble birthday party status into a professional world-wide decorating industry. Through the 70s, Heining pioneered a lexicon of balloon firsts:  arches, columns, letters, logos, spiral designs and sculpture. In 1979, he followed a dream and founded his first company, BalloonArt by Treb. This endeavor produced original, custom-designed balloon décor for lavish parties and corporate events.

In the 80s, BalloonArt by Treb amazed audiences with balloon decor at 5,000 corporate, celebrity, and Hollywood wrap parties; 70 gala shopping mall openings throughout the US; and achieved the impossible, three Guinness Book World Records. It was the 1984 Summer Olympic Games that put him “on the map,” expanding his scope into arenas and stadiums. Following that were 18 Super Bowls; 7 Academy Awards; the New Orleans World’s Fair; Bicentennial ceremonies in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C; and both Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Three US Presidents lauded his special effects on national television and President Reagan thanked him personally.

On New Year’s Eve in 1991, Heining generated another spectacular that has since become a time-honored American tradition. Under Treb’s guidance, the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square was forever transformed into a far-reaching, yet family-friendly experience. Heining proposed introducing confetti, giving it a wow factor. The ginormous New Year’s Eve party  that’s centered around the ball drop and his “confetti blizzard” is watched by one billion people around the world. Heining said, “2016 marks our 25th year; and of all the events I’ve done in my life, this is one of the highlights of my career.”

Treb’s company, GlassHouse Balloon Company, Inc., designs and markets all the balloons sold at Disney theme parks around the world. An inventor, he created the favorite glasshouse balloon with Mickey Mouse inside clear plastic; the Light Up Balloon Stick that lilluminates a floating helium filled balloon; and holds the patent for the AeroPole System™, a way to build balloon décor without the use of helium. He also markets the MyOwnPet Balloon™ featuring a variety of helium inflatable balloon “pets” on a leash that walk beside a child. Heining’s firm is now an international company.

What’s next? Heining is writing his entrepreneurial biography, as well as booking keynote speaking engagements through his other company Treb, Inc.  And, with GlassHouse, the inventor is pushing the boundaries of technology with another new balloon concept that’s sure to “knock people’s socks off.”

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