Ballooniversity® Rewards Program
Earn $25 off your registration for every $1,000 spent with burton + BURTON® over the last 12 months. This is a rolling total calculated at the time of registration. Rewards can be redeemed at the time of registration. Please call 800-241-2094 for a Sales Representative to assist.

Cancellation Policy
If burton + BURTON® cancels Ballooniversity® for any reason, the registration will be refunded 100%. If registration is cancelled by an attendee, the following refund policy is in place:

Until Friday, July 8, 2022:
Receive a full refund minus $25 administrative fee per attendee

After Friday, July 8, 2022:
A refund will not be issued

COVID Guidelines
Ballooniversity® will follow the CDC Guidelines along with guidelines set in place by The Classic Center at the time of the event. More information will be communicated closer to the event.

Early Bird Pricing + Payment Plans
For Ballooniversity® 2022, there will be no early bird pricing or payment plans.

Hotel Rates
There are special hotel rates for Ballooniversity® attendees. Visit the Lodging section on the Ballooniversity® website and click through to each hotel for more information. All host hotels are within a reasonable walking distance to The Classic Center.

The only transportation provided will be shuttles from The Classic Center to burton + BURTON® headquarters on Thursday evening. For all other additional transportation, you may want to consider a car rental service. We recommend Groome Transportation for shuttle service to and from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).

Scheduled Ballooniversity® meals are included with your registration fee.

For Decorators' Workshop, the following meals are included:
Wednesday + Thursday: lunch and dinner

For Ballooniversity® Classes, the following meals are included:

Thursday: dinner
Friday: lunch and dinner
Saturday: lunch and dinner at the Gala

The Combo package of both Decorators’ Workshop and Ballooniversity® Classes includes all of the following:

Wednesday–Friday: lunch and dinner
Saturday: lunch and dinner at the Gala

Please bring your meal ticket (included in your registration packet) to each corresponding meal. No adjustments can be made for anyone not using their meal ticket. The meals and activities are for registered participants only.

Weather + Attire
Georgia is famous for its HOT summers. We recommend casual dress for your daytime attire. Shorts and t-shirts are great. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Also, regulating the temperature at The Classic Center is difficult; a sweater or light jacket will ensure your comfort while attending classes. The Saturday Night Gala is black-tie optional.

Guests of Participants
Due to room capacity issues, only registered Ballooniversity® participants are permitted at the Thursday and Friday evening events. Guests are invited to the Saturday Night Gala with paid admission. Additional guest tickets for the Saturday Night Gala are $99.

Children aged 12 and older are welcome at Ballooniversity® as registered participants. Children under 12 are not permitted.

CBA® Exam
Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 9 AM–1 PM at The Classic Center.
Become a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA®) at Ballooniversity® 2022! Register to take the CBA® Practical Exam. Spots are limited on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration for the exam closes 30 days prior to the event. Please contact the Pioneer office nearest you or email qbn@qualatex.com for a list of requirements for the exam.

To sign up for the CBA exam, email qbn@qualatex.com or call 800-999-5644. Learn more about becoming a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA®) on the Qualatex® website.

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