Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina, CBA®
Decorators’ Workshop Chief Navigator

Creating her income from balloons since 2003, Joette became a master networker in her city and in the industry to grow her home-based business, working with repeat clients–including colleges and corporations–in Lakeland, Florida.
Investing in her education from the start, Joette earned her CBA® in 2008, then traveled to China as part of an international team lead by Guido Verhoef. From that experience, she learned the unlimited potential of balloons. 
Joette is Maxwell Leadership® certified and has received several industry awards. She shares her knowledge and passion to increase the skills and confidence of balloon business owners around the world to make and sell high-profit balloon décor. 



  • 325 Cleveland Road
    Bogart, GA 30622-1766