Rupert Appleyard, CBA®
Decorators’ Workshop First Officer

British-born performer Rupert Appleyard (a.k.a. Phileas Flash) has been capturing hearts worldwide with his brilliant brand of balloon art, charming comedy, and crazy magic for over thirteen years.

Armed only with a little wit, a lot of talent, and a big bag of balloons he has traveled all over the globe and amazed audiences from Iceland to Egypt, Japan to the Dominican Republic, and everywhere in between.

Phileas has performed for Hollywood celebrities, won international awards, twisted balloons for dukes and duchesses, and frequently appears on television in both Canada (where he now lives) and internationally.

He is widely known for his fan art balloons and was even commissioned by American television network AMC to make Walking Dead balloon art for its. award-winning image spot “Life Imitates AMC.”

A master of the balloon face, he is well known for his seminal “The Face of Things to Come” tutorial series, which has propelled him to a career as an international balloon instructor. He has taught at many of the world’s most prestigious balloon art conventions including World Balloon Convention, Twist & Shout Balloon Convention, OZJAM, QBAC, and Millennium Jam.

If you’ve ever been blown away by a balloon dog, be prepared–for you are about to be blindsided by the balloony brilliance of Phileas Flash.



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